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Case Studies

This summary shows the challenges of high performance projects that The Gerlach Group has led or consulted on, together with the actions taken and results achieved. The company names are confidential and a description of the company and industry has been given.

Revenue Development

To facilitate a workshop to help dramatically increase revenue from existing channels and identify brand new commercial revenue streams for a London based organisation.


To create a high performing leadership and communication organisation that offers members more ‘stage time’ and opportunities to practise their skills, than any other similar organisation in the UK Surrey and South Eastern region.

Channel Partner

A provider and manufacturer for advanced positioning solutions and GPS technology - for example laser, optical and inertial technologies.

Key Account Management

A semiconductor solutions media company.

Mergers & Acquisitions

A development company working in the welfare to work sector.


Peter Saville

Jeffery Gitomer

Stephen M R Covey

Mark Victor Hanson

Lynn Rose

Phillip Khan Panni

Vira F Bikenbihl

Robert G Allen

Susan Jeffers